A little about us

Claude Gravelle Outfitter is a hunting outfitter located in Otter Lake, Québec (Canada) who has been operating for over 56 years.

We tried something new in 2022-2024 — so far, it's a huge hit! We have two new RVs with built extensions all set up as camps for your stay. Once completed, these will be modern and packed with all the essentials you will need.

We welcome American and Canadian clients, from little to no experience to full experience, your partner would like to tag along but doesn’t hunt? Don’t worry, we have a discounted price.

We want to make sure you return, because it feels like home here. The connections we make with our clients are what makes us continue every day, without you, none of this would be possible.

It all started with Dana Gravelle, who passed his heritage to his son Claude and daughter Lise. With the paper work finally signed by Claude, he was excited to finally call it his, renovations started throughout all the camps ready to accommodate all usual guests and of course new ones.

In June 2021, the sudden passing of Claude left everyone in shock. That’s when my mother Kathy and I took over the outfitter to make sure the family heritage continues to make my father proud.

Always working in the bush with my father, I know my ways around the territory. Come visit us to make new memories – we always make sure our clients have a great hunt and a great experience.

– Dan & Kathy

Meet the faces

behind the outfitter.